Ancestry has connected tens of millions of people across the world back to their roots and family members. With today’s generation eager to learn more about their heritage, family structures have changed dramatically in the last half century. As multiethnic couples continue to increase, and families no longer belong to one single family or clan, rich traditions and beliefs have been combined and made anew.

Ancestry has the opportunity to not just focus on the lineage of families, but to additionally showcase how their services impact the future at large of families of all races, beliefs, and practices.


DNA research has helped unearth knew information in regards to humanity. However, as the information has become more accessible, its tangibility and benefit does not have a physical payoff.


Meaning-of-Life seekers: Contrary to religious beliefs, the meaning-of-life seekers are trying to find out how to bring more meaning into their lives and provide more meaning to their future. They search for inspirational content, consider themselves open minded, and are advocates for positive change - both personally and socially. 

Multiracial/Multiethnic families: Instill pride within this demographic. They are happy together, but sometimes don’t feel like they fit in within certain settings. Neither one or the other drops their tradition(s) and culture(s) to establish cohesiveness - instead they are open to each others beliefs and find ways to make them a part of their larger family ethos.

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“Knowing where I come from is insightful, but what I do because of it is what matters most.”


Demonstrate how Ancestry's products have an impact on one's future, not just on understanding their family's past. Show how interracial couples share a variety of traditions and cultures and how they have found ways to keep both family past-times alive in their newfound family.

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Strategy: Quinn Frehner
Art Director: Teiano Lesa
Copy: Enoch Lui
Producer: Connor Dean