Jack Link's

Jack Link's is a brand that will not shy away from sheer craziness. Their jerky is highly consumed, however the smell of jerky is potent- in a good way to some and not-so good way to others. This campaign focuses on that challenge. We came up with new "innovations" and "technologies" to 1) eliminate the smell for those who don't like it and 2) tickle jerky-smellers fancies through increasing their meat-smell levels.


Jack Link’s owns the jerky industry in terms of market share, but jerky overall is not a predominant health snack for consumers - due to many variables (smell, vegan, taste, etc.). More people in the U.S. said they do not eat jerky (199.75M) than those who said they did (125.93M).


The reserved indulgers are both males and females ages 20-32 that are socially active and seek a certain kind of “crazy” from both their activities and friends. Males are consuming based on the manliness of the product and their love for meat, while women do so because they are interested in the health benefits that jerky offers. They aren’t embarrassed about who they are, but they don’t want to be an inconvenience to those around them. Because of that, they are conscious and reserved about what they bring with them and surround themselves with.

Letters to the general public


“I love eating jerky, but I am afraid to crack open a pack in public because of its smell.”


Create new ways for jerky-lovers to 1) enjoy their Jack Link's and 2) increase their sense of pride for the product. Help those who don't like the smell avoid it through new "innovations" - making Jack Link's a talking point in the greater culture.

We developed new products that allowed for people to eat jerky in public while being sensitive to those around them. Additionally, for those who love the smell of meat, we made some jerky scented products just for them.
Strategy: Quinn Frehner
Art Director: James Kunzler
Copy: Winston Farley