Pizza Hut

Getting your hands on a hot pizza isn't like it used to be. We've accustomed ourselves to services such as Seamless and Doordash to being our modern day delivery boys. But things just aren't the same. When you think about being young again and having the doorbell ring and the instant aroma of pepperoni fill your home, it makes you feel a certain way. So, Pizza Hut is throwing things back to the better days and making pizza delivery great again - just like it was in the '90's. Get your landlines ready.


Brand: Pizza Hut is losing its brand reputation and marketshare.

Consumer: Pizza is a quick binge meal, not a meal to remember.


Pizza loving Millennials who grew up using pizza as a means to connect with their friends and family. When mentioning family traditions or events, it's rare that the word "pizza" is omitted from the dialogue. They now have a family of their own and live in the suburbs of populous towns. Due to their increasing schedules and lack of family time, they seek quick and easy moments that allow them to get together and enjoy each other.


"There's was sense of excitement while waiting for the delivery boy to ring the doorbell. Now, there's a sense of urgency while waiting for Seamless to deliver."


Throw things back to the Pizza Hut's prime when red bombers were worn and the brand's logo rode pridefully on top of delivery vehicles. Develop a sense of nostalgia that puts the audience back in time - where things were more simple.

Pizza Hut's .com experience will go back to the ways of the early digital era. Magnets used to be slapped on refrigerators and would be the constant reminder of who to call - those moments are back. Pizza Hut pizza boxes will bring re-earth their old box and mascot while headlining a new tagline - "The Way it Ought to Be".

Produced element coming soon.

Strategy: Quinn Frehner
Art Director: Tessa Memmott
Copy: Allie Jones