Squarespace lives digitally and provides phenomenal tools to rookie web designers and entrepreneurs. With so many creatives existing today - from Fortnite gamers to motion graphic artists - they do not realize that their current passions can be organized and used for mass entertainment. Using AI, Squarespace will crawl social profiles, find passions, and build websites for creators of all types.


People of all types come filled with opinions and passions that they desire to share. For them, being able to shift those passions into dedicated practices or professions seems daunting and cumbersome.


Creatives of all types who are currently hobbyists but desire to one day be able to turn those hobbies into their profession. Their passions, whether it is graphic design or sneaker chasing, are what keeps them sane while dealing with the regularities of life. Though their dreams are to take their passions to the next level, they don't know where they should start.


"I am hesitant to turn my hobby into my profession because I don't know where to start."


Let Squarespace start the journey for the individuals by turning their existing content and interests into an organized site. Drive sign-ups and buzz through social platforms.

Strategy: Quinn Frehner
Art Director: Cam Tribe
Copy: Winston Farley
Animation: Chaz Gonzalez